About Us

The purpose of the Faulkenberry Numerical Cognition Lab at Tarleton State University is to investigate how people process numerical information. Two major lines of research are currently being pursued:

1. The cognitive dynamics of numerical representations

The first line of research focuses on how mental representations of number form over time. We use hand-tracking experiments to track participants' hand movements as they respond to various numerical tasks. These data in turn give us an unprecedented window into how the mind processes numbers. Current projects underway include representations of fractions and the dynamic nature of the size-congruity effect.

2. The cognitive nature of mathematics learning disability in adults

The second line of research focuses on mathematics learning disability (MLD) in college-aged adults. Previous research with children has indicated that compared to normal populations, those with MLD have a fundamentally different type of cognitive representation of number. We are using several methods to examine whether these differences persist in college-age adults, and if so, what is the nature of these differences.

The lab is located on the third floor of the Mathematics Building, room 328.

2015, Thomas J. Faulkenberry, Ph.D.